mzmine news

What’s new in

Introducing the mzwizard

  • Auto generate your workflows based on your experimental setup
  • Full support of most popular analytical setups

Interactive molecular networking

  • Perform ion identity and feature based molecular networking in mzmine
  • Direct interaction between networks, feature table, and annotation views for rapid discovery


  • Image co-localization analysis and results viewer
  • New raw data visualizer for imaging data

Lipid analysis

  • Redesigned & more powerful lipid annotation workflow including your own custom lipid classes
  • New lipid annotation QC tools


  • Redesigned GC-MS workflow for faster GC-EI/MS spectral deconvolution and feature alignment
  • Interactive spectral deconvolution result viewer

Statistics dashboard

  • Find highly significant features within seconds
  • New interactive¬†statistics dashboard directly linked to the feature table