Open Innovation

Open Innovation


We strive to deliver cutting-edge technology that can handle various data modalities from LC-MS to imaging, enabling researchers and analysts to face the diverse challenges of modern analytical labs. We achieve this by openly sharing our source-code with the scientific community, which enables us to provide powerful algorithms, seamless data integration, and user-friendly interfaces.



Join our global community


Our solutions have its roots in a collaborative, community-driven effort. Thanks to the modular architecture of the mzmine framework, new modules can be programmed and tested independently, without the need to modify other pieces of the software. The contributions to the project from new developers and researcher teams from all over the world are greatly encouraged.



Online documentation

To support this effort, we and the mzmine community create extensive documentation materials and tutorial videos. Anyone can contribute to the mzmine community by writing code, improving documentation, or participating in the discussions on the Github issues page.